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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  April 22, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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the big story is two teenagers have been charged with the murder of a security guard. >> tips led them to the people who gunned down charles bowman earlier this month, but news of the rest is not easing anxiety over the recent violent crime in the area. >> they commander at the northern district is alarmed by two murders that happened. as a result, he announced extra officers will be deployed on stop the search of crime. it is one of the most violent. in early april two men were gunned down blocks apart. a security guard was murdered when he stopped in for chinese carryout on his way to work. detectives say the two teenagers killed him for quick cash.
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and number of anonymous tips led him to michael hunter and troy taylor. >> there are a lot of upset people that this 72-year-old man on his way to work was senselessly murdered. >> police are putting out more patrols to stop more violence. another man was also weren't -- murdered in the middle of the day. >> there appears to be an ongoing dispute between different men that finally blew up on that afternoon. >> two people are disheartened to see this carrier -- to see this. deteriorating. they say they have watched this area declined. >> i know is that, but we deal with it. >> nearby, homeowners are encouraged to hear that police are retooling their patrols.
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>> i think increased police presence would do some good. it would deter the and make people feel like it would be more risky to do that behavior. -- it would deter and make people feel. >> we follow the rules and expect them to. if we have to have the police there, i think that is good. >> police are looking into the possibility the teenagers arrested may be involved and other crimes. if you have any tips, call police. >> a strange situation, police say a man armed with a knife slashed and cut five women. at least one person cranks to have been attacked. the others are not talking. -- one person claims to have been attacked. 27 men had been busted in a reverse prostitution ring. they were arrested after women officers went undercover in
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areas identified with complaints. they zoned in on route one. >> new question surrounded the judge who was reassigned after [unintelligible] it turns at the judge is also an offer. his new book has stirred criticism. -- is also an author. jayne miller has the latest. >> darrell russell's book includes his advice to a woman who refused to sleep with her abusive husband. judge darrell russell wrote it in 2004. he was removed from court room work last month amid a storm of criticism for his handling of a case involving allegations of domestic violence. the judge went along with the request of the suspect and married the man to his victim, allowing him to avoid
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prosecution. in the book he recalls handling a variety of domestic violence cases. he grants an expert tate order to a woman, telling her you needn't wait to get hurt. but adds this comment, her shorts were so tight she appeared to be suffering from loss of circulation. the judge calls a protective order proceedings the love court docket. love court has the court watcher, they weigh your every word and report back to the citizens committee on judges who screw up. he seems to be referring to the commission on judicial disabilities, of which is reviewing a complaint against him. it is not his first. in his book he tells of the advice he gave to a woman seeking a protective order from her husband. she refused to sleep with her husband. the judge's reply, maybe if you sleep with him he will stop wacking you.
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the commission did not think it was so funny. the judge disclosed it earned him a scarlet letter which concluded he advocated rape in marriage. >> there is new information on the 21-year-old man charged in the sexual assault of an oral woman. is man's last known address in chicago. his bail has been reduced to $250,000. residents say they are still on edge. police are advising them to report suspicious activity. a baltimore man charged with sexually assaulting a minor faces the same charge in ocean city. police say james bennett brought a 10-year-old boy and 15 natural pearl to ocean city and gave the girl alcohol -- 15-year-old girl to ocean city. the arrest warrant is issued in ocean city.
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>> a supervisor is charged with stealing hundreds of give cards. andrew c. walsh is accused of opening mail and looking for gift cards. authorities is -- say he was linked to the crime after using one of the kit carts. -- using one of the gift cards. >> it is insane. it is a criminal offense, especially someone who was a supervisor. >> if convicted, he faces up to five years in prison. anyone who thinks they may be a victim is asked to call the postal hot line. here is the number. >> the nfl took its annual draft which probably had reagan stands pretty excited. >> the ravens decided to trade their first-round pick and decided not to take anyone in the first round at all.
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first, we will go to pete gilbert in the studio. >> the ravens looked poised to take the best wide receiver at number 25, but the cowboys traded up number 24 and grabbed another player. that is when the broncos came calling to baltimore and said we are trading out of the first round. gerry sandusky joins us live with the particular is. how surprised are you that they made this deal? >> not terribly surprised in that we knew the ravens had three players targeted at that spot. they were comfortable if any of those players were there they would take them. the offer came from denver. the ravens get a second, third and fourth in exchange for their 25th pick. the biggest surprise came when the broncos used it on tim tebow. he is expected to go late second or third round, instead he goes
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in the first round for the broncos. it is a surprise first-round draft pick by way of a trade with the ravens. the general manager and director of player personnel just sitting down to discuss the trade with the media. we will hear from him to talk about the strategy of the trade today, as well as what they will do with those picks tomorrow. >> all the particulars from that trade and who they may look at number 43 tomorrow 4 tight end. >> saturday night, join us for our ravens draft special. everything you need to know, it begins at 7:00 p.m. right here on wbal tv 11. >> hundreds gathered to remember baltimore's 13th archbishop. a viewing was held earlier for archbishop william borders.
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he led the archdiocese from 1974 until 1989. his funeral is set for tomorrow. if you cannot attend but still want to see it, 11 news will bring you live coverage when it begins at 1:00 p.m. we will rebroadcast the funeral service this saturday and sunday at 3:00 p.m. >> health care reform will in a few years bring an end to a popular health care program in howard county. before it is done officials are looking into ways to expand. the healthy howard health plan connects residence to affordable health care services. the new federal health care law requires all americans be insured by 2014. that would mean an end to that program. that is my officials are looking to make changes, so it can serve a greater number of people. >> healthy howard will be in existence for the next three years to serve as a bridge to
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health care reform. those working who are eligible should still apply. we -- it will cease to exist in 2014, at which point we hope it will be a nonprofit coop that will be central maryland-wide. >> they are only looking into the feasibility of doing this coop. healthy howard will be around for a few years more. >> two of the most well-known companies are teaming up and going green. >> maryland teachers bucking the trend. if you know and out of state teacher out of work you may want to tell them about it. >> cause for concern over the chesapeake bay. why battling pollution may be more difficult than originally realized. >> after a spill a jury assigns blame and damages. >> there are still a few light showers on the doppler radar. there miracle -- may be more
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rain heading our weekend. the 74 cast is coming up. 63 degrees at the inner harbor.
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>> today is the 40th anniversary of the first earth day. the idea was first presented in 1969 by a senator of wisconsin. since 1990, birthday has been an annual event. on this earth day some troubling details about the chesapeake bay. state agencies don't have the resources they need, specifically the ability to investigate and prosecute polluters. when they do, penalties are not strong enough to deter repeat offenses. there was a similar audit last year. >> the summer of 2003 was memorable for many families, but
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not for a good reason. that summer there were three significant [unintelligible] wells were poisoned and people simply were scared to drink the water. today the least significant lawsuit was settled in court. john sherman to joins us live with the latest. >> there were only four families affected, but the impact was significant. one family has been drinking bottled water exclusively since 2003. people still have questions. the neighborhoods around the intersection of route 140 and six road is filled with families, but -- sussex road. a gas take underground leak to mtbe into the ground. >> it is scary. it is amazing they don't have
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higher standards even in the 1970's to contain these chemicals. in it is scary because a lot of neighborhoods have a local gas station. how many more problems are there? >> a jury awarded four family's $400,000 to be split among them. it has been an emotional issue. >> people who live closest to the gas station are angry about it. people who live a little bit further away are just curious. how much will this affect my health and my property values? it has been a range of emotions. >> they found the spill was traced to the gas station, but they argued it was coming from a nearby junkyard. >> people have been damaged. their health has been damaged, so i am not sure how you put a
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value on that. >> the concern for this. is not just the impact of what we know, -- the concern for this parent. >> it is scary. >> the biggest award went to the family closest to the spill. able to get to it $30,000. the other three families will -- they will get $350,000. >> inside project economy. better weather last month and the tax for the deadline looming has motivated home buyers. home sales jumped 7% in march. they surpassed some expectations. thus giving hope the housing market could be rebounding. the median price of homes sold in march was up to $170,000. two of the most recognizable names are teaming up, mccormick
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and constellation are set to build the largest rooftop solar panel. constellation estimates it will save mccormick $3.5 million over the next 20 years. >> in tonight's education alert, more than 100,000 school teachers could lose their jobs by summer. here in maryland, it is a different story. baltimore plans to hire more than 700 new teachers. county schools will not be a mean to budget issues, but changes may not be easy to see. -- schools will not be immune to budget issues. >> it may impact some supplies and materials. here are county executive says it will be a maintenance budget, so we are not expecting drastic changes. >> if you are interested in a
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teaching opportunity, a job fair will be set next tuesday at the colonial fairgrounds. for more information, go to our web site at >> now your 11 instaweather plus forecast. >> it is going slow. this thing is crawling through central maryland, so in the vicinity there are still light showers trying to form. doubtful if much of this is hitting the ground. just very light rain showers. it is weakening as the showers move out to the bay. the remnants are winding down. just a couple left over sprinkles. nothing measurable in the rain gauge at bwi marshall. it was a mild day with the sunshine out earlier.
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74 degrees downtown. the normal is only 67. the pollen count is due mainly to the storm yesterday, way down, the lowest i can remember this spring. expect that to creep up tomorrow as the dry weather returns. you can see the left over clouds from the shower is living through. they will move back towards morning and temperatures will continue to cool. lo 50's into northern baltimore county. we will see a 43 degree temperatures spread at dawn with a temperature -- with winds at 5 miles per hour. that storm yesterday was weak but now it looks impressive in the atlantic. this allows this week front to slide down across the state. as it is making its way through, a sprinkle left over and high- pressure for friday. but over the weekend another high moving storm.
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once that gets here, shower chances will linger into next week. tomorrow will be a decent spring day and saturday is looking better. clouds are holding off to our west. the deeper into saturday we go, especially saturday night, our rain shower chances will go up. maybe even some thunder factored in on sunday. 65-71 tomorrow with west winds at 6-12. a beautiful day in western maryland tomorrow. very minimal chance of sprinkles. almost 70 degrees at the day. on the eastern shore, a nice looking friday. out on the day tomorrow, winds coming out of the west. 50 degree water temperatures at the baltimore harbor. your 7 day forecast, 69 tomorrow with a 60% chance of rain tomorrow.
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it looks like it will mostly be saturday night going into sunday when we will factor in a few scattered thunderstorms. you can see this chances for stores lettering into the middle parts of next week. -- chances for storms lingering. >> we will hear from the general manager coming up next. >> matt davis here and whitney is our trawling official. tonight's -- with me is our dr awing official. here are your numbers for tonight, april 22. 9, 1, 19, 30, 28, and 3. you're winning numbers are 9, 1,
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19, 30, 28, and 3. next drawing is monday night here on wbal tv 11. for all the latest news, at this it --
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>> police are investigating a shooting. investigators say police shot and man around 10:20 p.m. tonight. police are not saying what led up to that shooting. the victim was taken to shock trauma. the officer was not hurt. >> 11 sports with gerry sandusky. >> the first round of the ravens trading, but complete without the ravens picking up their first player. the ravens decided not to use their pick and instead traded it to the denver broncos. here is what they get for it. by giving up their first-round pick, they acquire three other picks. they get the denver broncos' second round and third round picks, which sets up a busy friday and saturday.
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the general manager talked minutes ago about the decision making behind the deal with the broncos. >> we had some serious conversations with denver yesterday. they made me an initial offer early this morning. as the draft unfolded they kept increasing the offer. >> the offer finally got to the point where he said let's make a deal, so the ravens came into the draft with five picks. they will go into tomorrow with seven picks, but still waiting for the first new player. the mix is the first year since the 2004 where they go through the first round without selecting a player. let's go back to the studio. >> the ravens will have three picks tomorrow. originally they just had one.
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the beginning of the draft went as expected with a heavy presence from the big 12. oklahoma sooner enjoyed his moment, but they won just a single game last week. he played just three games after a pair of injuries to his shoulder. a risky move that will cost the rams $7 million. >> obviously this year did not end at the way i wanted to be. i was not able to play a game. to get back out there with my new receivers and getting some chemistry, i cannot wait. >> a look at your top five. three from the oklahoma sooners trying to figure out how they never won a national title. number 32 tampa, gerard warr mc.
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number 5 to kansas city, eric berrry out of tennessee. the orioles enjoy their first day of of the season. they received a vote of confidence. next 11 games comes against the red sox and yankees. at least they did not have a sergio kind of day. then at 16 , out of the rough. he would actually make park, but acts like a spoiled 12-year-old here as the ball goes into the woods. maybe some poison ivy would be appropriate. i will say at least he did not send his caddy into the mess. garcia is one of the best players in the world never to have won a major. it finishes the first round eight shots back.
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>> may be because is earth day he wanted it to want to make sure. we have a look ♪
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is that your new car ? uh... yeah ? cool. thanks. i knew i wanted a subaru legacy.
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i went back and forth on the hood scoop... but i'm glad i went for it. the subaru legacy. feel the love. >> pretty nice stuff. the weekend looks a little dicey but tomorrow is a beautiful- looking friday. sunshine and a few clouds mixed in. on saturday, the best chance for
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rain looks like it will be later in the evening going deeper into saturday night. maybe even some thunderstorms on sunday. if we are lucky we get most of saturday without a brain. it is a slower-moving storm so the chance of showers will interests into the middle of next week. -- it will reimburse -- lingers into the middle of next week. >> it depends where you are. if you would like to see this again we have it on wbal. "the tonight show"is next. thank you for joining us.
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